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  1. Hi, We often see skrill problems where the skrill account is closed with the money inside. The only option they offer to withdraw the money inside skrill is by bank withdraw. If you have a skrill account which you bought from online or someone else and cannot get the bank account to withdraw the money, i am your man to save you. I do this work on a commission basis of 35% of the balance. Time needed 10-14 days. Fir example if you have a skrill account with balance 1000 euros and it is closed with the money inside, you pass me the details of that skrill account and the email, and i start working on it. After 10-14 days when i have the money withdrawn, i will send you 650 euros into any other skrill/neteller account of your choice. For this service contact me: telegram: @Raju_hasan skype : p.pritom
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