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  9. New! bsc-staking.finance FREE 0.00003472 BNB Every 5 min. Min:0.01 Click the link and connect metamask or copy the link and paste it in your trustwallet dapps. https://bsc-staking.finance/r?code=11611758352
  10. Captchacoin Unlimited LTC -Instant to FP-No min. Click links,vist sites,lottery CaptchaCoin.xyz 0.00000138 LTC Normal Payment 7th June, 2021 https://captchacoin.xyz/?r=6923
  11. Bittalky.com-4 sat.Every 5 min.-Instant to FP
  12. Profitcentr-LEGIT (for over 12 yrs.) MANY ways to earn$$ Earn with ads(non focussed) email ads videos Many Many easy tasks like Joining ptc sites and click required number of ads and get daily RCB, so you join a site and click 4 standard ads and submit the task and you get paid, next day again click the 4 standard ads and submit the offer , Going to a website and click and advertisement banner and provide the link of the advertisement site, And also many other type of tasks Min:0.05$ - Payeer,PM etc., REGISTER HERE
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