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  1. Reminder: "Next Saturday we start with the update for #stakecube-v2 . You don't have to worry about anything, all data (available history, mn slots, open orders, etc) will be transferred to the new system. As the database structure changes - mainly for optimization purposes - we will export all the data, rebuild it and import it into the new environment. This will take about a day, so the site will be locked from saturday to sunday until completion. The wallets are not affected; Deposits, staking and masternodes will continue like always. Withdraws and exchange will not be available during this time. We are looking forward to the new functions, the redesigned interface and to implement all the improvements we have collected in over a year of experience and your feedback and requests. Some more news, parallel to the platform update, following next week too." La actualización a la versión 2 comenzará el próximo sábado (21) y hasta que se complete la actualización el sitio será inaccesible.llevará como un día.
  2. User: Timetosome Id: 5d35c173c144d4715755e227 Wallet: MYhMcKXirk5wQzgZ3WudC8cncS2cXgoAHV Gracias @pitersmacri
  3. Estoy en el nivel 15 y finalmente empiezo a hacer algunos retiros El pago tardó unas 24 horas y entró bien en la exchange mercatox
  4. " Dear USDX Wallet community, this is the end of our Final Airdrop. Thank you all for participation! It was quite massive, as more than 50,000 people has opted in. Some tasks were quite challenging, yet many of you have successfully coped with them! 🤑 We want to thank you for your support, questions, shares and positive comments 😍. Note, if you have already registered in @USDX_Airdrop_Bounty_bot, you have 2 more days to finish the tasks. New registrations in the bot are not accepted anymore. Due to huge amount of participants we need some time to sort the results out. Please note that you will receive the USDX you've earned starting October, 10th. Thank you for your patience! "
  5. https://medium.com/ethereum-classic-labs/atlantis-hard-fork-launch-on-ethereum-classic-mainnet-to-expand-functionality-and-improve-6be98e3f6a5
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