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  1. Reward structure " The total prize pool contains 50,000 Dusk tokens. The tokens will be split between all contestants. The more points you have the bigger your share of the reward pool is. There is no limit, however cheating will result in disqualification. 50000 Dusk reward pool Example -Reward pool is 50,000 tokens -In total 120,000 points were acquired by all participants combined -Your personal amount of points is 750 Your personal reward will then be calculated as follows; (50,000 / 120,000) * 750 = 312.5 tokens "
  2. Ya está disponible la opción de colocar la wallet ERC20 donde se nos enviarán los tokens El Airdrop termina solo en 2 Agosto
  3. Tengo androide 9 y siempre ha funcionado bien.... Tienes que hablar en su canal telegram para exponer tu problema.
  4. " Thank you all for your patience and taking part in the Raven Protocol Community Bount Drop. We have now completed distribution. If for any reason you didn't get anything, then please read the pinned message in this channel: https://t.me/ravenbountybot " Pago Recebido ⚔️
  5. " We have started distribution of P2PX Airdrop6 Tokens. If you have not received your tokens be patient. Make sure you have joined all Facebook, Twitter, Telegram as NOT doing so will eliminate you from receiving Airdrop Tokens "
  6. No, en esta aplicación no se puede usar VPN! Pero hay un truco para ello 😄 A través del smartphone , vaya a www.apkpure.com Instala la app Apkpure ( es una tienda de apps ) Busca Giftpanda y instala. Deja la tienda apkpure instalada y cuando quieras instalar una nueva aplicación de giftpanda usa la tienda apkpure... así tendrás acceso a todas las nuevas aplicaciones de todo el mundo sin necesidad de usar VPN
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