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Yescoiner BTC Faucet &Payout Proofs(there you can post your referral links too!)


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Claim satoshi  Every hour
& New feature: Apart from free satoshi,you can post your referral links (click "microblog" after login)
Random amount claims
Lucky Ones - Highest Claim Values (24h)
Account    Amount    When
112721    0.00000063 BTC    17h ago
39877    0.00000050 BTC    16h ago
266617    0.00000048 BTC    19h ago
32717    0.00000047 BTC    19h ago
minimum: 1000 satoshi
[Faucetpay; direct to  wallet ;& wbtc(polygon network)]

Payout Proof:
Yescoiner    0.00000999 BTC    Normal Payment    6th July, 2022
Yescoiner   0.00001007 BTC   Normal Payment   11th July, 2022
(click create account -> copy and save account number, password and login)


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